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About Us

Troy Bar was part of the Shoreditch community before the area became one of the main social hubs of London’s night life. Located in Hoxton St off Old Street Troy Bar is set back slightly away from the other bars which boast their 2 for 1 drink deals. Never a venue to chase the latest buck, Troy Bar continues to bring its rich tapestry of live music, food and unique atmosphere to it’s customers via word of mouth, without any promise of cheap deals.

Troy Bars individual style can be in the form of its open mic sessions every Tuesday, it’s legendary “Word Of Mouth” Jazz funk jam sessions Friday night or perhaps it’s mid week foray into finding the best in emerging live talent, spiced up with it’s authentic home made caribbean cuisine while you watch! Each night has it’s own flavor. It encourages an inclusive policy with it’s music loving customers, they have the chance to try out the mic onTuesdays or bring their instruments to join the band on Fridays. Many local business’s pop in for a unique lunch at a reasonable price with many choosing to have their annual Christmas, leaving or birthday parties at Troy, preferring an intimate venue with all you need in a local environment.

When not putting on their own events the management choses it’s promoters carefully, If the organizers are genuinely enthusiastic and honest the management will give them a chance. As far as the venue is concerned it has never been about how many people a promoter can bring, or how much money they can generate, many have offered and promised a huge turn out but if the crowd and music aren’t right for the Troy Bar they don’t put on events on there.

The Troy Bar lends itself mainly to vintage Soul, Jazz, Funk and acoustic low Key events,which attracts a mature crowd, therefore anyone over under 25 rarely stays for any length of time. Management are all local and assist with their local knowledge of transport and other amenities customers may need, making The Troy Bar a safe good time environment for any music lover on any day of the week.

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